About us

BH in the person of Manuela Janoha launched the activity for over 10 years.


It was a lovely October afternoon while walking through Trastevere alleys suddenly a student came to her asking where to find a hardware store, after giving her directions, Manuela was a bit surprised that a young student was looking for a hardware store so she asked why did she need it and she replied that she had to make new keys because she had lost them and the owner of the apartment was not so kind to help her…


At this point Manuela seeing the girl distressed, decided to go with her and help her with the language. The girl was so grateful about this and Manuela going back home thought of something to welcome and assist students coming from abroad providing them with housing, assistance and services, this to guarantee a nice stay while here.


Throughout the years from individual students to small groups, the housing firm has grown, day by day enlarging our network, involving universities all over the world, today we welcome about 1.000 students per year.


Due to our passion and know-how in the management of accommodation facilities, our strength is that we have always been able to offer students and faculty programs a pleasant and safe stay living away from home, our main aim is to fulfil each student needs and provide them with a strong support base.

BH International

is ready to Welcome you at any time, any day!

BH is happy to welcome students at any time, any day and guarantees a kind and warm welcome… a philosophy which we strive to uphold and make into a way of life.