The neighborhood is safe and easy to reach

BH facility is located in the city center of Rome, in the area of Trastevere. All apartments are within 15/20 minutes walking distance to the universities, tram stop number 8 is just a few steps from the BH facility.


Good connection with the Fiumicino airport in only 30 minutes trip or by train from
Termini Station.

Transportation in Rome


For students, the easiest transportation around the city is done through the metro system. Other means of transportation are bus lines and trams. Routes and schedules are marked throughout the city at stops and found online. The bus tickets are sold at shops called ‘Tabacchi’ shops, newsstands and often coffee bars. The tickets are validated by a time stamp unless it’s a monthly ticket. If you are an Italian citizen, you may apply for a subsidised student monthly bus pass. When entering and leaving the metro stations you must use your ticket. A monthly pass will cost you €35 and you’ll be entitled to make use of the city’s subway, trams, buses and communter trains up to 30km from the city centre.

Just outside the tourist areas but still provided by different services and attractions it allows you to live in neighborhoods or areas that previously would have been unknown! BH neighborhood is surrounded by banks, pharmacies, post offices, open flea markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, cafés, cinemas, theatres, restaurants, pubs and hospitals, this is the perfect location for who wants to live the city life to the full.